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27th Sep 2013, 10:15 PM


I still can't decide whether Cuba would have a really high-pitched voice or something in the general direction of Sean Connery :D
Have a nice weekend :)

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27th Sep 2013, 10:38 PM


Or Logan Cunningham! <3

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27th Sep 2013, 11:03 PM


Oh yes. Get Logan to VO over a simple animation of Cuba taliking. Tho that might just break the universe.

28th Sep 2013, 4:54 AM

Swedish Chef

How about Herb Reed or Barry White?; having Cuba humming 16 tons sounds perfect to me.

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28th Sep 2013, 5:04 AM


daaaaw, Cuba trying to talk and then looking all dejected almost made me explode with cuteness °///3///°

28th Mar 2014, 8:49 PM


;-; so cute...I wanna Cuba