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2nd Jul 2014, 12:04 AM


Didn't notice our 200th strip last time and today our internet decided to take a day off. Let's hope updating from my phone via dropbox works *fingers crossed*
Edit: Quite obviously it worked. Yay! :D

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2nd Jul 2014, 7:10 AM


HEEEEEEY Bobby! Yeah, bet that'd piss him off. Then again, doubt anyone would have trouble with pissing Robert off.

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3rd Jul 2014, 4:14 AM


It occurred to me when I read the hover-text that if "Dragonfly" WAS his real name the geckos would want to eat him.

Strange thoughts pass through my head all the time. Pay no mind.

3rd Jul 2014, 7:21 PM


I love Lee and Sean <3