Advanced camouflage skills
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9th Aug 2014, 12:36 AM


Sorry for the relatively late update, Flynn (one of our cats) has been quite sick since yesterday which resulted in not a lot of sleep. Dana took him to the vet this morning where he got an infusion and a few other things and now we'll have to see how things turn out :/

On a completly different note, thanks to Porkbun pointing it out again, I added a link to directly subscribe via ComicFury at the bottom of the page.
Have a nice weekend.

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10th Aug 2014, 6:39 AM


lol I love how Cuba tried to pass as a regualr chameleon hahahaha so cute

10th Aug 2014, 9:32 AM


I'm totally falling in love with Megan...

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3rd Sep 2014, 5:50 AM


I love how Cuba's all, "Now, how do I chameleon...?"

Hey, no problem! I subscribed as soon as I saw it you'd added it. :)

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8th Feb 2016, 1:46 AM



Only half convincing, actually!
(you forgot the color thing)