Don't look into any kind of gift-horse-orifice
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17th Jun 2017, 1:12 AM


Thanks everyone for your patients and kind words! You are the reason we can keep going, even when it gets tough sometimes. u.u

Since it was mentioned a few times, that some of you really like seeing the black and white version of the comic, we decided to upload them on our facebook page with every new update. Since it's facebook, I put a light watermark on top - let me know if it's bothering you too much, and I'll think of another solution. Thanks for reading!

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17th Jun 2017, 4:02 PM


Okay, I honestly never recall ever seeing Troglodyte used in a comic. Result: 12 points added to your score, Keep up the good work. Also coloring is fantastic as always.

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19th Jun 2017, 11:51 PM


Thanks, I strive to improve Robert's curse vocabulary whenever he appears :D