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27th Nov 2012, 7:22 PM


Have just been catching up with your comic & i think I may be in love with Cuba -- which is interesting 'cos i usually hate reptiles. maybe its the cap... could u have awakened a latent cap fetish? or is it just a cute animal loving fetish that has just become inclusive of reptiles? so many questions...

also; u work in a bookstore? thats awesome! i work with a publisher -- started off in a bookstore :D

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28th Nov 2012, 12:10 AM


I don't know about your hat fetish, but mine started here :D
Of course it could also be the realization of how awesome chameleons really are, even though the only one I ever had on my arm looked at me and then tried to flee through a cheesecake. Long story.

And yes, I am currently a second year apprentice as a bookseller. Kudos for getting into publishing, maybe I'll try that someday too, but first things first ^^

28th Nov 2012, 4:19 PM


QC?? u love QC?? btw; mentioning a story simply equates to having to tell the story.

i started off as a sales person, became manager, then purchaser & now sales head with a publisher :) its been a long & fun road. what kind of books do u sell?

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29th Nov 2012, 2:09 AM


Started reading QC somewhen back in 2006 and it basically was love at first sight. Without Jeph, I probably wouldn't be doing this.

I know that hinting and not telling is mean, so it's story time: Cuba was one of the first things that came to our mind when we thought about doing the comic, and my girlfriend had a coworker who owns a chameleon. She invited us to have a look at him, so I made lemon-cheesecake as a gift. After we ate, she asked if I'd like to have him on my hand. At this point I should mention that little Godzilla was not named like this because he is cuddly with new people. She put him on my hand, he seemed kind of paralized for a few seconds, looked at me (I think he only then realized he didn't know who I was), and wanted to flee back to his terrarium. She caught him before he could jump into the cheesecake because it would have been the fastest route (or maybe he just liked cheesecake a lot). It was a great evening.

And we carry all kinds of books, most of it is ficition. I officially look after the fantasy/sci-fi section and the e-readers, but I'm basically running through the shop a lot of the day and see where I can help.

TL,DR: I like QC, chameleons and books :)

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27th Nov 2012, 8:14 PM


She sliced right to heart of it!